Photo Credit – Hamish Duncan

Video Below

Janaury 2018 started off with a bang, very literally, (one very out of time bang from the drums of Black Fish in fact).

In 2018, we started the year off by venturing up to our neighbouring county Devon to see what the Mum/Punk scene was like across the river Tamar. Armed with over 20 loyal comrades from Kernow we set off on a voyage to Bantham in South Devon. Hosting the weekend was our good friend Mr Paddy Van Wellens from Disco Surfboards who set up an action packed evening which included an array of surf films on screen, some epic disco beats from DJ Mr Luke Baines, and of course us (Half Kut) to properly mess the night up!

We started off the weekend by travelling up on Friday night to celebrate WhyteDragons’s birthday and to make sure we gave a really good impression to the bar staff the night before playing in their pub (pretty sure they hated us after the first hour of arriving). Either way, in true rock and roll fashion, we all had an early night with only mild hangovers which was easily shaken after a quick surf at Bantham on Saturday morning. In the afternoon we decided to venture over to the famous Burgh Island to have a pint and settle the nerves as we prepared for the evening, however on the short walk over the sand bar, WhyteDragon appeared to see dog which seemed to be struggling for it’s life out to sea. So after rekindling his beach lifeguarding skills, WhyteDragon immediately stripped down to his undies in the freezing temperatures, and swam out into the ocean in just his pants to save the dog. Propper Hasselhoff stuff! Yet the event came to a bit of an anticlimax as on arrival, it turned out the pooch was absolutely fine and WhyteDragon returned to shore after a failed dog rescue with mild hyperthermia.

After a mulled wine in the pub to help increase WhyteDragons core temperature, we headed back to The Sloop Inn (the event venue) to get sound checked for the evening. We did our usual sound check by playing about 30 seconds and all looking at each other with a nod of the head and thinking “yeah.. sounds about right” (with actual no idea what we are doing or what it sounds like) we left our instruments and carried on the evening to go and have dinner with 25 friends that had travelled up from Cornwall with us! During the dinner many “Happy Birthdays” was sang to WhyteDragon, (we attempted to sing him 27 throughout the day but everyone got bored after about the 15th). Just to add.. the food is epic at The Sloop, if your ever in the area.

The evening had started to kick off with classic surf films being projected on a big screen for everyone to watch. A highlight was seeing Mr Ben Kaack immerse himself directly within the big screen as he re-enacted all of the surfing moves onto the dance floor in true badger style.

Then, we were up. Time to go and get dressed into our outfits, get the make up on, have a few vodka shots and a team talk before going on. However, once again, an all too familiar event was the disappearing act of the lead drummer Mr “Black Fish”. After numerous searches by all members of the band, we were actually starting to worry that he could be dead. However, lucky  we found the Black Fish as he stumbled out of someones car with a very large grin on a very pale face. A sigh of relief from the rest of us, Black Fish managed to stand on a dog whilst stumbling up the stairs to get meet the band in the dressing room. After a quick team talk, and a shot of water for the lead drummer, he and the rest of us were as ready as we ever could be.

Here is a video of how the next hour went.