Its Halloween evening 2016, in a friend’s basement and we’re struggling to decide what fancy dress outfit to wear for the Halloween Masked Ball. Finding an outfit that makes you look mildly frightening whilst being vaguely attractive to the opposite sex (for some of the single band members) , is a fine balancing act. Someone has some black face paint/shoe polish. Out of nowhere Alex has painted his eyes like a panda, greased his hair back and chucked on his little sister’s fake leather jacket. He vaguely resembles a member of the rock band KISS and also looks very flammable. We’re pissed, it’s getting late and we have no other ideas, so we go with the “I’m in a glam rock band” look. We arrive at the Ball wearing our female relative’s clothes, covered in children’s face paint and ready to mingle amongst the killer clowns, demon bunnies and walking pumpkins. Andy has even found his childhood acoustic guitar to enhance the band’s image. The night starts well and with some new-found beer confidence we try and persuade passers-by that we ARE in fact a real band and will be playing on the main stage at MIDNIGHT, no one believes us (apart from the man who can no longer stand) and the night descends into a scary Halloween haze. The next morning and we go down to the local pub to deconstruct the frightening night. We are all in agreement that we loved the attention of being in a band, the only way to sustain this self-centred attention seeking is to start a real band . Half Kut was born, music would never be the same again. Last year we went dressed to the Halloween masked ball as a successful glam rock band , this year we play gig as REAL but TRAGIC band. Come spray fake blood on us at the Halloween Masked ball-28th October- 10pm on the Altar stage at Flambards, Heslton. DON’T WORRY YOU WILL BE DISSAPOINTED